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Novi-Vinodolski in English with all kind of accommodations and information. Novi-Vinodolski in Dutch with all kind of accommodations and information. News-board City of Novi-Vinodolski. Tourist Board throughout the Kvaerner region. Diving centre Kruna Novi-Vinodolski. New! Boat Excursions “Bartelo Mali” vanuit from Novi-Vinodolski, your Captain Danko Blažević.
Apartments Lidija. Novi-Vinodolski  New! Apartment Lidija on SecondCasa  (TIP!) Plitvice National Park, you must see!
new! Dental Tourism in Croatia, The money you save you can spend on a nice holiday in Croatia.  Holiday homes and apartments whole over Europe. (TIP!) Whats'up cams, Harbor and center Novi-Vinodolski and harber Klenovica. "Studec",The wine valley from Novi-Vinodolski
Store and online web store with Croatian delicacies and wines Rotterdam by

Dubravko Svetić.

New Website "Carwash Selce" by Daniel Butković between Crikvenica and Novi-Vinodolski. National Park Northern Velebit.
Website about his small village Bribir what you can find behind Novi Vinodolski in the mountains By: Hrvoje Schäfer-Miculinić. Cruises from Novi Vinodolski with "Bartello" and "Skipper".
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